CNN lies about ‘Million Maga March’ on their front page news

by Leah Rosenberg

Well, this will just be added to the list of the many CNN lies. It is really atrocious how they claim to present truthful news.

CNN Lies – Again

There are so many things wrong with what CNN did here. CNN lies about everything to protect their narrative. They refuse to condemn BLM and Antifa, even when they are extremely violent. Because to them, as long as their violent against Trump supporters, it is acceptable. CNN has even compared America today to Nazi Germany. They will say and do anything against President Trump, even if it is shameful beyond words.

How horrific! Since when did America become a place without the freedom of opinion? Since when did it become okay for news stations to defend anti-American values? Since when did it become acceptable to defend Marxist organizations? And not only did CNN not mention the violence that BLM and Antifa carried out against Trump supporters at the Million Maga March, but they even made it seem like the Trump supporters were the violent ones. They twisted the story, like they usually do.

Good people should not be condemned for supporting a specific political candidate. If they are being peaceful at rallies, they should be praised.

And people who are violent and threatening others should be condemned – no matter which side of the political spectrum they are on.

What about the Fraud?

And what about the election fraud? CNN and every other news network should want to protect the Constitution and the legal system. But they would never admit that Trump might win or even that he is right about the allegations – whether he ends up winning or not.

Politics should be put aside when it comes to defending the Constitution and American values.

What has happened to America? Why have people stomped on the Constitution and become tyrannical?

And why does the mainstream media support this tyranny? There are so many shocking things about what CNN has done this time and in the past.

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