CNN Anchor Kills Terror Victims a Second Time with Her Ending Sentence

by Avi Abelow

CNN interviewed my friend Leo Dee about the horrific terror attack in which his wife and two daughters were murdered by Arab Muslim terrorists in the name of “palestine”. Leo Dee spoke eloquently and beautifully about his late wife and daughters. Then the CNN anchor ended the interview in such a way that literally justifies their brutal murder. Wait for it.

“Similar stories from the other side”. Really? Lucy, Maya and Rena Dee were literally executed at point blank range by a terrorist who got out of his car, walked right up to them and pumped bullets into their bodies. That is evil. All Israel does is use our army to defend innocenent Israelis, Jews and non-Jews, from the evil Arab Muslim terror war waged against us in the name of “palestine”. There are no “similar stories on the other side”!

Honestly, the way she ended that interview was absolutely insane. Immoral. And EVIL.

Moments after Leo blames the media and world governments for not properly condemning terror, she proves his point, equating the evil Jew-hating terrorism against us by our Arab Muslim enemies, with their “suffering”.

When will Jews wake up and realize that this is the reason we will never have peace, because nobody, not even our own leaders are willing to call out this evil political correctness that essentially condones and enables all the terror against us.

We will overcome all this evil in the name of tolerance” and “Western, progressive values”. It is just so sad to see so many fellow Jews/Israelis unwilling to wake up out of this evil cycle of political correctness that has brainwashed their minds and overtaken their basic common sense of good vs evil and even self-defense!!!

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