China Ups The Ante, Will Trump React?

by David Mark

Whether China purposely released COVID-19 or merely hid information as the epidemic flipped to a global epidemic, there is no doubt that the CCP has used the virus to lay down the first shot in a new Cold War between it and the USA.

Watch Tim Pool’s Analysis Below:

President Trump and his administration and a growing list of countries and partners have begun to focus on China’s clear culpability in this crisis. For its part, the Chinese Regime has begun to react to the accusations.

Besides the lackeys for the regime embedded in the US media, the CCP has increased military activity.

The Chinese Regime has taken an even firmer stance in the South China Sea, claiming to chase away US Navy warships. Meanwhile, President Trump has issued a national emergency attempting to secure the nation’s power grid against cyber attack or foreign influences.

While most naysayers have ridiculed President Trump over his virus response and attacks on China, more mainstream pundits are beginning to echo his alarm on China’s infiltration and stranglehold over the USA.

The countries of the Five Eye intelligence partnership have corroborated the claim that the virus’s origin is from the Wuhan lab and not the wet market as China had initially convinced the world.

With Trump’s return to tariffs and strong stance against the CCP and the CCP’s posturing in East Asia, the world is now on the verge of a new cold war that has a lot more reason to turn hot than the pervious one.

Expect tensions to flare up as the US election heads to the final stretch and expect China to be the main focus of Trump’s ire.

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