IDF video reveals the secret to Israel’s existence

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s existence is a miracle. G-d protects and watches over it day and night. But who are His messengers? What is Israel’s secret?

Israel’s Existence

This video reveals a secret – but maybe a secret that people cannot fully understand. If you think about it, Israel’s existence is a miracle. How did it come into being after Jews were exiled for thousands of years? How can Israel still exist when its very existence is threatened every second of the day?

Of course, G-d is protecting the Land of Israel. After all, His chosen people live in His chosen land, and we have faith that He will protect us.

But take a look at G-d’s courageous messengers. The Israeli army is a miracle army. They act heroically on a daily basis. They put their lives on the line to ensure that the lives of others are protected. It is hard to understand how it is possible for humans, like you and me, to accomplish something like keeping an entire country alive and well. But they do it. And some of them are a mere 18 years old.

The IDF vs. the Enemies’ Armies

Watch a video from the armies of Israel’s enemies. Take a look at Hamas videos. At “Palestinian Arab freedom fighter” videos. At Hezbollah videos. They all portray themselves as the evil that they are. They show blood on their fingers. They applaud murder.

And then take a look at this video of the Israel Defense Forces. The IDF is an army built off of love, life, and dedication. It is an army with a spirit that has never been broken; a passion that never wanes. That passion does not consist of murder and violence like that of the enemy. The passion of Israeli soldiers comes from a deep love for the land of Israel and the people of Israel. And those who protect something so valuable and holy will never lose their spirit.

Note: According to Orthodox tradition, we are not supposed to write out G-d’s name out of respect and awe for the One Above. Hence the writing of G-d, without the “o”.

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