China Backs Russian Claims About US Bioweapon Labs In Ukraine

by David Mark

The charge by Russia that the US DoD was running a covert bioweapons lab in Ukraine now has a helping hand from China.

The facts are clear. The DoD had been running what they call Biological Threat Reduction Programs (BTRP) in Ukraine since 2005. The DoD claims that these programs are banal and it is the Russians who are endangering everyone by taking possession of the labs. While that sounds good, it doesn’t answer why such dangerous activities were being under taken by the US so close to Russia’s border.

Furthermore, if these programs were so insignificant, why is the US very scared about Russia taking possession of them?

The is why China keeps on bringing up the bioweapons charge that Russia claims is in fact true. China wants the US to be transparent.

Zhang Jun, China’s permanent envoy to the UN said the following:

“The US always says they advocate transparency. If they believe the relevant information is fake, they can just provide us with relevant data for clarification, so that the international community can draw a conclusion by itself.”

The fact is, the US is in trouble. Whether they admit it or not and whether these biological research facilities were involved with developing biological weapons or only research, China’s backing of Russia helps flip the accepted narrative on its head.

Yet, just like the original Covid-19 storyline, the truth behind the bioweapons facilities will eventually come out and if its true the DoD had been researching deadly pathogens near Russia’s border, it may be a blow that will shake the stability the USA.

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