Get Ready for the Arrival of the Messiah with this Inspiring Song

by Leah Rosenberg

The Jewish people eagerly await the Messiah everyday. With his coming, a new era of peace will be ushered into the world.

Waiting for the Messiah

The Jewish people have been awaiting the Mashiach, or the Messiah, for thousands of years. Can you imagine: A world of peace and love; a world of unity. A world where everyone recognizes G-d and His greatness. Remarkable.

Jews are obligated to await the redemption and yearn for Mashiach to come. It is in Jewish prayers and texts. It is part of Judaism.

And many Jewish musicians also make songs to help Jews eagerly await its coming. This song was written by a famous Jewish musician, Abie Rotenberg. This version is sung by Benny Friedman, another well known Jewish singer.

Sometimes, we get too comfortable in our own lives to realize how much we are missing without the Messiah. Even when things are going smoothly, we must never stop yearning. We must never stop awaiting his arrival. We must never stop believing that there will be a day where he will come. And we most definitely must pray for him to come. G-d awaits our prayers. The beginning of the redemption has started. We are in the footsteps of the Mashiach, but we are not fully there yet.

And so we continue to pray. We continue to yearn. We continue to cry out to G-d and beg Him to bring Mashiach and bring the peace and love that we have so deeply been yearning for.

Col. Kemp

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