Watch Kamala Harris Embarrass Herself to the International World

by Phil Schneider

Is Kamala Harris the next leader of the free world? As of now, the odds are very high that the next leader of the United States of America will be someone who laughs off any issue – no matter how grave it might be. It happens time and again. Harris came of age in a time when there was a President with a great sense of humor, Ronald Reagan. She is not the same. Actually, she is almost the polar opposite of Ronald Reagan.

A good sense of humor is a very positive trait in any leader, and especially a President. Obama, Kennedy, Roosevelt, and others all used this as a very effective tactic. But Harris is laughing just like Biden says, “C’mon.” Everybody can tell that she doesn’t have meat behind laughter. It’s more like a giggle, and that should scare us.

In this day and age, we need leadership, strong leadership. The Democrat Party does not posses this anymore. There are no Trumans or Kennedy’s in the wings waiting to run. Obama is indeed a leader, but a wrong-headed leader, but at least he inspired people. Harris did not come close in the Democrat primary, but was brought in to shore up a ticket that lacked progressive values such as having a woman of color on the ticket.

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