Celebrating the Israel-UAE peace agreement the right way

by Leah Rosenberg

The Israel-UAE peace agreement can change everything. Will it for sure? Only time will tell. But for now, let’s celebrate with a little music!

Israel-UAE Peace Agreement

Will the Israel-UAE peace agreement lead to lasting peace in the Middle East? No one really knows. But it seems like more Arab countries want to make peace with Israel. It seems that a major change is happening in the region.

What better way to celebrate than with the classic song, Od Yavo Shalom, otherwise known as Salaam? And this version is even better because it is a remix with a well known song called “Lean on me.”

Music sends a powerful message to anyone willing to listen. Jews want peace. Jews are looking forward to what a future with peace will bring. Peace in the Middle East can change everything.

Celebrating Peace

Who would not want to celebrate peace? Who would ever think that peace is not something positive? Well, sadly the “Palestinian” leadership is furious by this peace agreement. Hamas is not too happy either. And don’t forget about Iran.

You can tell who the enemies of the world are by those who reject and hate peace.

Israel love peace. Israel craves peace. They are just waiting for the rest of the Arab world to get on board. Imagine how different life can be with peace in the Middle East instead of war and hate. Imagine all the good that can come from nations making peace with each other.

Just imagine.

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