Will the UAE now stop funding “Palestinian” terror incitement?

by Leah Rosenberg

The peace deal between the UAE and Israel is making the news headlines. It is a positive move toward a better future. But the UAE is still funding UNRWA.

The UAE Must Defund UNRWA

It is truly historic what is happening with peace in the Middle East. The unprecedented is occurring. The future is looking brighter than it was a couple years ago. The UAE is making peace with Israel!

But the thing is, the UAE is still funding UNRWA, The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. It is not a relief agency in the slightest. It is an agency that promotes terrorism and the killing of Jews. They do absolutely nothing besides that and victimize the “Palestinian” Arabs. There is tangible proof that UNRWA is a failed agency that should be obliterated.

And the UAE is not the only state/country to fund UNRWA. It is absurd how many countries fund this organization. They promote terrorism. They teach the next generation to murder and hate. What good does that bring to the “Palestinians,” the Jews, the region, and the world?

What about the Children?

Does anyone care about the next generation? The children? UNRWA does nothing positive for the “Palestinian” children. If they truly wanted to help them, they would teach them how to create a better future. They would not spread lies or promote terrorists as heroes. 

Defunding UNRWA must be one of the next steps that the UAE takes in making peace with Israel.

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