As US Unravels, Will Aliyah Rise?

by Micha Gefen

Let’s face it. With Democrat war games showing civil break down looming after the November US elections, the need for increased Aliyah from America appear to be even more necessary than it has been. A new Aliyah networking platform seeks to open a up a channel for those in the US hoping to get out before things get worse.

So how bad can it get in the US? Given the fact that Democrats have already insisted they will not concede – “No matter what…” or that a potential 80 million mail in ballots could potentially cause havoc and a very real possibility of a break down in the electoral system – things may get more crazy than they already are.

While Aliyah applications have risen this past year due to the coronavirus, most American Jews are still at a loss in terms of navigating the system in Israel to ensure a smooth transition.

More than that, there appears to be a time sensitive situation now arising in the US. After all, if there are competing slates of electors from battle ground states due to anomalies in the mail in ballot counts then the decision on who is President may go to the House of Representatives, or worse – the Speaker of the House may become the interim President.

All of this means increasing chaos in what is the world’s most powerful country and until recently a place where the Jewish people felt relatively safe.

Aliyah now appears a good bet for the future of American Jewry.

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