This famous Israeli song just got a whole lot better

by Leah Rosenberg

Music has the power to bring people together. It has the power to make people feel at peace. And this famous Israeli song, Od Yavo Shalom Aleinu (otherwise known as Salaam) does just that – especially this version!

The Lyrics

The lyrics to this Israeli song are simple. There are only 11 words in the whole song, yet it is more powerful than you can imagine.

Here are the words:

Od yavo shalom aleinu

V’al kulam


Aleinu v’al kol ha’olam


Peace will come upon us and upon everyone. Peace, upon us and the whole world.

The Original Songwriter

The original songwriter is Mosh Ben Ari, who composed the song while part of a band called Sheva. Youth movements throughout Israel and people all over the world sing it. People even sing it now to represent a cry for peace and the hope for the end of the Arab-Israeli conflict ( 

Uniting People of All Backgrounds

The music video that accompanies the song is perfect. It unites people of all backgrounds. The song itself seems like its meant to do that. The word “Salaam” is peace in Arabic. The song itself combines 2 languages: Hebrew AND Arabic!

It is important for people of different backgrounds to be able to join together. That is how there will be peace. And THAT is something beautiful to sing about.

A Prayer to God

The song resembles a prayer to God to bring peace to the world. The singer to this version, Choni G, added his own prayer to God. He added the famous Jewish words “Hashem y’varech et amo bashalom,” meaning, “God will bless His people with peace.”

Hopefully, those words will ring true speedily in our days!

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