Two cross-generational Israeli singers join together to sing a classic Israeli song

by Michael Sax

Two generations of musicians perform the classic Israeli love song “erev shel shoshanim.”  Check out the heartfelt Israeli song, and if you don’t speak Hebrew, we’ve got the English translation here also.

A love song – Erev Shel Shoshanim

Yafa Yarkoni first recorded this Hebrew song in 1957. The title “erev shel shoshanim” means in English, “A night of roses.”  Its melody is often used as wedding music in Jewish weddings. The song well known in Israel and its popularity has spread far. In fact, the song was translated into Armenian, in which language its title is “Yarus (O, Rose!)”

Lyrics – English translation

An evening of roses.
Let us go out to the grove.
Myrrh, spices, and frankincense
Is the carpet under your feet.

Night falls slowly.
And a wind of roses blows.
Let me whisper a song for you slowly,
A song of love.

Dawn and the dove coos.
Your hair glistens with dew.
Your lips are as roses in the morning.
I will reach for them.

Lyrics – English transliteration

Erev shel shoshanim.
Netzeh na el habustan.
Mor besamim ulevona.
Leraglech miftan.

Layla yored le’at.
Veru’ach shoshan noshvah.
Havah elchash lach shir balat.
Zemer shel ahava.

Shachar homa yonah.
Roshech maleh telalim.
Pich el haboker shoshana.
Ektefenu li.

Yisrael Gurion

One of the singers in this video is Yisrael Gurion. Yisrael was born in Jerusalem in 1935. He is a singer, actor, musician and composer. Yisrael has been performing for over five decades. Additionally, he was part of a group called the “Duda’im” for thirty-five years. As a result of his extensive music career and contributions to music, the city of Tel Aviv recognized and honored him. This was done on Israel Independence Day in 2017.

What a truly wonderful song. So sit back and enjoy another memorable song. With great vocals and musicians, you’ll want to heat it again and again.

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