Caroline Glick berates Lego for bowing to the mob

by Avi Abelow

America – stop bowing to the mob, please. It is absolutely absurd that kids TV shows and toys like Lego have stopped promoting our heroic police officers.

Now Lego has Given in?

It is insane what is going on in America! Police officers are heroes. They really are. They chose a career path that can potentially get them killed. They chose a career path to help people and stop crime.

But now Lego has also decided to stop promoting police officers? What is going on?

Because of a mob of people that decided police officers are evil people, companies are now bowing to them and listening to anything they say. A children’s TV show called Paw Patrol, which has different dogs portraying policemen, firefighters, and others, has also been giving into the mob.

Do you hear how ridiculous it sounds? It is as if the shows and toys are portraying robbers and murderers as heroes. In fact, they are portraying humans as heroes – humans who are policemen and policewomen.

What’s next? Who’s next? Will the mob in America decide that bankers are bad? Teachers? Dentists? When will it end?

Caroline Glick is Spot on

Caroline Glick always says things clearly. She makes sense. It is not like she is saying all police officers are good people and heroes. She recognizes that there are bad people in the world. But that doesn’t mean that because there are a small percentage of bad cops that the average cop isn’t a hero. That is irrational and just not a correct way to think. It is not the truth.

America – stop bowing to the mob. It is enough.

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