Caroline Glick on how the antisemitic Left has lost all sense of justice

by Avi Abelow

The antisemitic Left has lost their moral conscience. Their ideology has crossed over from politics and into injustice and corruption. And it is enough!

Antisemitic Left is After EVERYONE

What has become of the far Left? It used to not be this way. But things have taken a turn for the worse. They target anyone who does not agree with their ideology. The hatred exhibited toward people with different beliefs and toward Jewish people is frightening.

This incident of an African American professor getting fired for being a criminal lawyer and giving every American the right to an attorney is despicable. These people have taken the American value of justice and turned it on its head. Does the far Left care about the constitution anymore?


The antisemitism that has been so present in the far Left is disturbing. It is all part of the same idea of how the Left is after everyone. This is a frightening movement that is taking place all over the freedom-loving world, and it must be stopped. We must bring back the Judeo-Christian values upon which Western society was built, so that we can have mutual respect and be able to live together, regardless of one’s beliefs. Right, Left, Center – it doesn’t matter. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. But when the cultural mores of the left begin to contradict the values upon which society is built, then that is just crossing the line, and is self-destructive. Of course, they come after the Jews first, because we are an easy target, but we are just the appetizer.

Arab Incitement
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