California Schools Are Doing This to Kids Without Parents Knowing

by Phil Schneider

Is this really happening in California? Is gender confusion actually now a part of school policy? Are teachers actually encouraging gender identity changes? This is beyond crazy!

School counselors are now going to mental health counselors who are affirming all of the gender confusion – during the school day. Lunch time is now becoming the most dangerous time of day. That’s when the soft indoctrination occurs. Is this happening in just a few schools? Erin Friday claims that it is happening across the board, at all levels – from kindergarten and onwards.

It must be said loud and clear. Public schools are now dangerous places across the entire State of California. It is actually required under the California codes to teach the madness. And this has all been brought to you by Governor Gavin Newsom, who is now seriously teasing the idea of a run for President of the United States.

The United States of America is under attack – from within. The indoctrination has created a 5,000% uptick in the phenomenon of transgenderism. Is there any surprise that millions of people have moved from California to Florida and Texas? Parents must take their children’s education back. Or else, they will not recognize their own children, before it’s too late.

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