Brooklyn Antisemitism: Man Pulls Out Knife on Three Religious Jews

by Leah Rosenberg

When will it end? The antisemitism is getting worse and worse. Listen to the way he threatens to kill these Jews!

Antisemitism Caught on Video

Another anti-Semitic hate crime in Brooklyn. The hatred keeps growing. The antisemitism isn’t stopping. This man threatened three religious Jewish boys, saying he was going to stab and kill them. He pulled out a knife and waited for them outside. Before police showed up, he fled. The police took a report and are looking for the suspect.

What is happening throughout the world is not a joke. And we cannot considered all these antisemitic attacks isolated attacks. It is happening too often to be considered “isolated.” These events are not rare events.

Jews are scared to walk the streets alone. Many feel they need to look over their shoulders while they walk. What century are we living in? And we are talking about places like America here! How is there so much hatred in the world? How do so many people still not feel that all lives are valuable?

If this happened against people of any other race or religion, the world would go wild. But when it’s against Jews, the world seems so silent.

And silence is not always golden.

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