Anti-Israel American Model Accidentally Proves “Palestine” Never Existed

by Phil Schneider

There was indeed an area in the Land of Israel that was called Palestine. Jews and Arabs referred to the area as Palestine. But Jews never referred to themselves as anything but Jews and Arabs referred to themselves as Arabs. There was never an idea of a separate Jewish identity called Palestinian Jews or a separate national identity of Arabs who referred to themselves as Palestinian Arabs. That is a marketing concept that was created by anti-Jewish Arabs who decided to invent a nationality in order to create a narrative that anti-Israelis could gather around to pressure Israel.

How did the fiction of a distinct Arab nationality, a so-called “Palestinian” entity become so accepted among so many? The true answer is that the new anti-Semites, the anti-Israel crowd needed a banner to fight for. The “rights” of a persecuted minority was the perfect fiction to create that would justify all Western oriented people to care about the “poor Palestinian” children. That is why no matter how horribly the Arabs treat their own children – by teaching them to be terrorists at the age of 3 or 4 years old – that is overlooked. It goes against the anti-Israel narrative. But to blame Israel for not turning the other cheek when Hamas-ISIS terrorists rain missiles on it’s towns and cities – filled with Jewish children – is blatant anti-Semitism. Let it be said loud and clear. Anyone who blames Israel for missiles that Hamas-ISIS shoots at Israeli children is a terrorist supporter.

But what about the rights of the so-called “palestinians?”

Just go to the archives of the New York Times pre-1948, or any newspaper of the time.Before 1948 “palestinians” referred to Jews! Arabs were called Arabs!  The Palestine Post was the precursor of the Jerusalem Post – a Jewish publication!  The Palestine Electric company was the Jewish name of the Electric Company!  The Palestine football team was – yes – a Jewish football team!

Anyone who wants justice for “palestine” in essence needs to admit that there is no historical people called “palestinians.” Once that point is internalized, we can move forward to a peaceful future based on truth and justice, because when the whole “narrative” is based on lies of a created “palestinian people”, looking at the indigenous Jews as the outsiders, then we will just continue experiencing the conflict and violence of a Jew-hating blood libel called “palestine.” It’s one and only purpose is to destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

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