With Days To Go, Netanyahu Orders Strike On Syria

by Micha Gefen

The Israeli Air Force attacked multiple military targets in the Damascus area over night, killing at least 8 military personnel and destroying multiple Iranian targets.

With only days remaining to Netanyahu’s tenure as Prime Minister, the attack may be a parting shot at the Iranians who believe they have now gotten the better of Israel by at lasting Netanyahu. Still, the attack coordinated with Gantz may also be a message to the USA that despite the change in government, the Bennett-Lapid policy on Iran is no different.

The Biden administration is pushing forward with its appeasement of the Mullah’s in hopes that it can lure them back to the 2015 nuclear deal. Israel has stood steadfast against this and despite the tonal differences between Netanyahu and Gantz when it comes to dealing with the Americans, actions against Iranian forward bases in Syria will remain the same.

The next government may not differ with Netanyahu when it comes to Iran, but it is world’s apart when it comes to Judea and Samaria, Israeli Arabs, and Religion and State. Most observers do not believe the new government will last long.

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