British politician refuses to admit “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” is a terrorist group

by Leah Rosenberg

Some things are black and white. And when British politician, Diane Abbott, can’t admit terrorism is terrorism, something is wrong.

British Politician Needs to Wake Up

Diane Abbott is a British politician. She is a member of the Labour Party, whose leader has trouble differentiating between terrorists and friends. Jeremy Corbyn, Labour Party leader, has called Hamas terrorists his “friends.” Shocking, but true. Apparently, Abbott is having some trouble identifying terrorists as well.

In this video, she cannot admit that “Palestinian Islamic Jihad” is a terror group. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but some things are clearly right and clearly wrong. Terrorism is wrong. Why can’t Abbott admit that a terrorist group is in fact a terrorist group? This group is responsible for firing rockets at innocent Israeli men, women, and children. They are responsible for death and destruction. Does she think that is acceptable? The reporter even tried to help her realize what a terrorist organization is. But Abbott still defended her distorted views.

This Should Frighten Everyone

Whether you are Jewish or not, this should frighten you. It is the most terrifying thing when someone has no sense of morality. When a person cannot clearly see what terrorism is, how can that person be a politician and represent the Western World? How can that person protect Western values?

There is not just an antisemitism issue in the Labour party. There are so, so many other issues. Wake up to the truth!

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