German girl bashes PC culture on Muslim migrants in graduation speech

by Avi Abelow

This is definitely a graduation speech that Germany’s politicians and leaders need to hear. Listen to this brave girl speak up.

A Graduation Speech to Remember

A Germany girl spoke about Muslim migrants in her graduation speech. She condemned the “politically correct” or PC culture that exists in Germany. People don’t want to talk about the issue with Muslim migrants. Germany’s leaders want to pretend there is no issue. But she is calling them out for that. And she is speaking from personal experience.

Young women and girls are afraid to walk the streets in their country. They are afraid to be harassed. These German girls do not feel safe! That is not how life should be lived!

It is an Issue, not an Isolated Event

The girl made a point in her speech about people calling these attacks “isolated.” But the thing is, the Muslim migrants are wreaking havoc on Europe. The incidents are not isolated. They are happening too often. It is a major issue in Germany and other parts of Europe, and European leaders must address it! This young German even said, “Nothing is being done to combat it.”

She tries to talk about it and bring up an issue that may not seem so “PC.” She said how adults encourage young people to think for themselves, but then ignore the opinions they form. So will anyone listen to this brave German girl?


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