Brigitte Gabriel’s Brilliant Answer about the Peaceful Muslim Majority

by Leah Rosenberg

Brigitte Gabriel says it like it is, and that is much needed in today’s world. Especially regarding the peaceful Muslim majority. This is a video from a few years ago, but it is such an important message that stills need to be promoted for all to see.

The Peaceful Muslim Majority

Brigitte Gabriel was asked a question that related to the peaceful Muslim Majority. And her response could not have been any more perfect. It is true – not all Muslims are bad. Most are not. But the fact is, 180 million to 300 million people are radicals who want to destroy and murder. You can’t ignore those numbers. It is not just one person. And even one person has the ability to create or destroy; to build or to break. People have power. Even more so in such large numbers.

The examples that Brigitte Gabriel gives just proves how much damage and destruction even just a few can cause. The Holocaust, 9/11, and more. It really only took a few people to kill so many. That is the sad and scary truth.

Brigitte Gabriel and “PC”

Brigitte Gabriel does not care about political correctness. She just says things that need to be said. How can we be politically correct when it comes to things like terrorist sympathizers in the government? And what about Christian persecution? It is really not about being politically correct. It is just about standing up for what is right in this world. And Gabriel is courageous enough to do that. More people should be willing to do what she does. There should be more strong voices calling out what is wrong in this world. Otherwise, nothing will improve.

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