Brigitte Gabriel Takes on Pelosi and the Left

by Phil Schneider

Brigitte Gabriel is right in pointing out that President Trump, though a controversial figure, is a very accomplished President. He has been anything but a unifying President. But to rip up a speech of the President of the United States right in back of him in the Halls of Congress is truly a sad act. Gabriel calls Pelosi out and is right at pointing out that it was a classless act.

However, another side of this is that when you have a President who descends to name-calling his opponents – whether Democrat and Republican – it is natural that people will respond. This is not all about the radical left. Polarization is not only about the left-wing of American politics going over the cliff. It is also a result of the manner of speech that Donald Trump and then President Trump has brought to the political discourse.

Following the tenure of President Trump, it will be time for America to go back to a more unifying time – when opponents know how to argue with respect. When differences of opinion do not descent to name-calling. President Trump may not be remembered as much for the failed impeachment as for the depths of discourse that his name-calling has brought America too.

But despite the negative side, Gabriel is correct that President Trump indeed may also be remembered for Making America Great Again – just as he promised.

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