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These 10 Families Blocked a “Palestinian” Jerusalem


While much has been said about President Trump’s “Deal of the Century,” very few people know how it was possible to prevent “Palestinian” control over key areas of “East” Jerusalem, giving their terror leadership access to the city’s holiest sites.

In the above video, Executive Director of Ateret Cohanim, Daniel Luria discusses the importance of Kidmat Tzion with David Mark, the founder of Israel Rising.

Kidmat Tzion, which has a total of ten families on it, is a strategic Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem. The piece of land has been owned by Jews for more than a century, but never had buildings built there. Today, it buttresses the security barrier and more importantly the Arab neighborhood of Abu Dis, which happens to be the projected “capital” of Trump’s “Palestine.”

Abu Dis was going to be the beginning of a “Palestinian” corridor that reaches the Old City of Jerusalem, and without Kidmat Tzion to stop it, the corridor could have been established.

The Kidmat Tzion neighborhood is approximately 200 acres and lies East of the Mount of Olives and is a five minute drive from the Old City. The area is slated to have nearly 400 residential units on it when finished.

“Trump may have the Deal of the Century, but this is the Neighborhood of the Century,” Daniel Luria says in the video.

Without a clear path from Abu Dis to the Old City, this neighborhood has effectively shut down the direct connection of the future “Palestinian” Capital to Jerusalem.