Israeli Mentalist Stuns Ellen

by Phil Schneider

Lior Suchard is one-of-a-kind. He uses his mental powers to stun and literally freak out people all over the world. Get ready to be completely surprised by the Israeli mentalist. If you have traveled to Israel recently on an airplane, you may have seen Lior’s wonders freak you out in your airplane seat.

Watch Ellen be freaked out along with some people in the crowd. There are magicians who are able to do amazing things. But when it comes to mentalists, it is much more amazing. It is not sleight of hand, but amazing psychology at work here.

If you can follow how he succeeds in creating what he does in this presentation, then you are one-in-a million. Can it be explained? Well, Lior himself clearly thinks that what goes on in our mind is much more complex than what meets the eye. And, somehow he is able to manipulate – for good things only – people in order to get them to think what he would like to get them to think about. Simply amazing! Enjoy the show!

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