6 Year Old Arab Muslim Girl Spews Jew-Hatred on PA TV

by Avi Abelow

This is sick. Absolutely revolting! This is a children’s tv program on Palestinian Authority sponsored tv!

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People ask me why I’m so against the two-state solution. Well, this video of a 6 year old Arab Muslim girl on Palestinian authority television is proof why. The whole purpose of the cause called “Palestine” is to destroy Israel and murder Jews and that is exactly how they educate their little children. Your taxpayer money goes to find this programming used to incite little innocent children to murder Jews and destroy Israel. Creating a state called “Palestine” won’t SOLVE anything, hence it is not a solution. It will just prolong the conflict, giving a murderous entity called “Palestinians” a prize for their terror and a state platform to continue their terror against us.

It is so sad to see the “enlightened” and “moral” leaders, politicians and journalists on the left around the work ignore this blatant child abuse inciting children to become murderers!

Just hear this six year old girl.

And now look at what their Religious leaders are telling the youth and grownups!

No, the two state solution solves nothing, rather rewards terrorists. The only solution is for Israel to destroy the whole terror infrastructure in the name of “Palestine” and for Israel to apply full sovereignty over the area of Judea & Samaria, allows all those Arab Muslims who want to live peacefully with us to do so. Those who do not want to live peacefully with us are welcome to live anywhere else in the world, joining the millions of Syrian, Iraqi and other Arab Muslims who moved to live in other countries around the world.

Israel wants to live in peace, but the two state solution doesn’t bring peace, it brings continual war and terror. We will not compromise on our security and we will not give away our ancestral homeland to imposters who are motivated to kill us and destroy our country.

Dr. Kedar on Afghanistan
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