President Trump Destroys the Left on this Big Issue

by Gavriel Dan

President Trump removed discriminatory Obama era Federal regulations that prohibited students and teachers from praying in schools.

This is obviously is a huge win for students of all faiths who believe the Constitution enshrines their right to pray and worship.

Those who have opposed this, have done so on the basis of separation of Church and State. However, it is very clear the Founders meant for the First Amendment, which enshrines the right to Freedom of Worship to be applied on the local level in schools.

Interestingly both those who believe in the right to pray in schools and those who oppose it believe it stems from the same First Amendment. However the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment which supports the Separation of Church and State is speaking about the Federal level, not local.

Secretary of Education Betsy Davos said: “The First Amendment exists to protect religion from government not the other way around.”

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