BLM has dishonored the heroes of 9/11

by Leah Rosenberg

Black Lives Matter, or BLM, is destroying the America we once knew and loved. They are disrespecting the greatest heroes of our time.

BLM Dishonors Police and America

Humans. That’s what policemen are. Heroes. That’s the way they should be treated. But BLM is mistreating policemen and America as a whole. How dare they call to defund the police force.

Listening to this speech is heartbreaking. Why? Because it shows the truth that Americans are ignoring. It shows the truth that the media is covering up.

Americans are murdering policemen for no reason. They are tearing families apart. Did anyone think about the wife of each policeman? Their children? Their parents?

When Dan Bangino mentioned the story of a wife talking about the sound of velcro at night telling her that her husband was safe at home, it is chilling. Who can listen to that and not connect?

The Heroes of 9/11

It is disrespectful, disgusting, and to tell you the truth, it is just plain dishonest to claim that policemen are bad and not worthy to be treated like heroes. Those who support BLM and go around destroying the country forgot about what happened on 9/11. Did they forget about the heroic acts of those who ran into the burning Twin Towers to save as many people as possible, many sacrificing their own lives?

George Floyd’s Family

George Floyd’s family has been asking America to stop the violence. If his own family is not terrorizing America and trying to dismantle the police force, what do Americans think they are doing? If his own family is willing to be civil, Black Lives Matter should stop protesting and destroying the country. White Leftists should rethink their horrific actions.

Floyd’s family is not looting. His family is not killing. But Americans have gone mad. They are not standing up for justice. They are standing against it. And it is enough.

Arab Incitement
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