Black Lives Matter is trying to bring Israel down

by Phil Schneider

The Black Lives Matter is movement is based on many things – lies, racism, and anti-Jewish and anti-Israel activity. What exactly drives the Black Lives Matter movement?

It seems that what drives the Black Lives Matter is not the idea of riding America of racism. It is actually a racist movement that is looking to completely bring down the United States of America. The representatives today that speak for the Black Lives Matter movement are AOC and Ilhan Omar.

The BLM movement is outspoken about their hatred for the State of Israel. The two issues are absolutely intertwined. This video clearly explains the connection that the protesters and rioters see between what they are doing in the United States and what they perceive to be the connection with the State of Israel.

This theme will continue to grow. The anti-semitic connection between the protesters – not just the rioters will be an issue that will not disappear. The voices will grow. The leaders of the Jewish community need to stand up and face the reality.

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