Israel Moves To Push Iran Out Of Syria As Region Heats Up

by Micha Gefen

With all of the noise surrounding the possibility of Israel extending sovereignty over its Biblical Heartland in Judea and Samaria, the other front to watch is the IDF’s onslaught against Iran. The mission is clear – getting Iran out of Syria.

Israel’s goal now, as stated by Prime Minister Netanyahu is to push Iran entirely out of Syria. With the forward motion of the last few weeks, there is reason to believe this is possible.

But why now?

The answer is simple – Sovereignty.

With the expansion of Israeli law over Judea and Samaria coming soon, there is a real possibility of a multi-front war opening up. After all, Israel applying sovereignty over even a little of Judea and Samaria is further affront to Dar Islam, which means the Islamic Radicals must react.

Getting a jumpstart on pushing Iran out of Syria now, confronts the growing threat before it swings into the offensive in the coming weeks.

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