Black Jewish Rapper Shares it All on Today Show Interview

by Leah Rosenberg

Being a Jewish rapper is uncommon to begin with. But being one who converted to Orthodox Judaism after a life with drugs and crime? Wow.

Jewish Rapper Nissim Black

Nissim Black has a unique story. He may have always been into music. He may have “come out of the womb recording and rapping,” as he said. But he was most definitely not always a Jewish rapper. He had a long journey to get there.

Not only was he not Jewish, but as he spoke about in this interview, he was far, far from Judaism. He was far from any spiritual journey. Anyone who knew Nissim Black as a kid and teenager probably thought he was destined for jail. But little did they know how he would turn his life around. Black is an inspiration. He is an example of how anything is possible.

And what is so beautiful about his journey to Judaism is that he did not leave everything behind. The part of him that he loves and can be used for good, he uses for good. He still raps – but his lyrics are meaningful and about spirituality instead of about drugs and crime. In Judaism, things can be used for the good or the bad. Nissim is choosing to use things in the world for the good.

Nissim Black searched for the truth and came to it himself. He read the texts. He wanted answers. And he definitely seemed to have found what he was looking for. But he is still constantly trying to grow along his continuous journey.

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