Israelis Triumphantly Celebrate Traditional Jerusalem Day Parade Over Hamas Threats

by Avi Abelow

Hamas threatened to once again shoot rockets from Gaza on Jerusalem and all of Israel if Israel allowed the traditional Flag parade to proceed as it does every year. Many foreign diplomats as well as Israeli politicians called upon Israel to stop the parade and give in to the Hamas demands, otherwise we would be “provoking them” to begin violence once again.

Understand, the traditional Jerusalem Day Parade Flag March, taking place since the first Jerusalem Day was celebrated in 1968, is not to provoke. It’s to celebrate and thank G-d for miracles. That is what the world just doesn’t get.

Newspapers and journalists all over the world are bashing Israel for having the parade, and calling us out for violence and provocations, just for marching with our national flag in our ancestral and eternal capital city, since King David’s time. Join me as I marched in yesterday’s parade and see for yourself what really took place.

Jerusalem Day Parade…1 Month Late

The flag parade finally took place yesterday in Jerusalem. It was originally supposed to take place on Jerusalem day, a month ago. But Hamas began to shoot rockets on Israel, and Jerusalem, in the middle of the parade, so it was cancelled.

It was originally rescheduled for last Thursday, but pushed off to yesterday. Thankfully, the postponed Jerusalem flag parade finally took place as rescheduled.

Too many people misunderstand me and misunderstand the Middle East. The Western mind thinks that Jews marching in Jerusalem with Israeli flags, through the Old City, is a “provocation” and shouldn’t be done. The Western mind is wrong because it misses one fundamental fact: This is not the West; this is the Middle East.

In the Middle East, the Muslim world uses terror and violence to eradicate their enemies and shut down dissent. The only way to beat them is to show strength; not to appease them and not to show fear. We have to instead show strength so that they know their violence and terror does not work. Hence, the realist, who understands the Middle East, knows that the flag parade in Jerusalem, marching through the Muslim Quarter, is necessary to bring a peaceful future for us all. Peace will only happen through strength, and this flag parade is a show of strength – in addition to being a celebration of thanks to the One above for the miraculous liberation and unification of Jerusalem. We should be doing more symbolic acts of strength like this throughout Israel, not less. A march of Israeli flags through Akko, Jaffa, Wadi Ara etc. That will bring about a better future for us all. 

I get it, I do. Too many Jews today are embarrassed to show strength. It goes against the leftist “woke” ideology of the times. But what they ignore is that by appeasing the evil Islamism in our midst, they are enabling the continuation of evil that does not just hurt Jews but also hurts peace-loving Muslims.

By the way, if all the Western voices that are so vocal against the Jerusalem flag parade would instead be vocal about stopping the Palestinian Authority’s and Hamas’ genocidal culture of incitement, hatred, terror, and killing Jews, we might have a more peaceful future as well. But, Western, politically-correct minds don’t think like that.

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