The Most Important Speech about the Temple Mount for Today’s Generation

by Phil Schneider

The Temple Mount is the Holiest site of the Jewish people. The Temple stood there for more than 800 years. The remnant of the Temple exists today – in the one remaining outer wall of the Temple – the Western Wall. For 19 years, between 1948 and 1967, the Jewish people were forbidden to even pray at the Western Wall. The Jordanian occupiers forbade the Jewish people from serving the Creator. Religious freedom is not and never has been a strong side of the Arab countries in the Middle East.

But in 1967, when the State of Israel liberated the Temple Mount, the Jewish people were reunited to the Temple Mount and began praying for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple from right outside the Holy Site. The Jewish people allowed the Arabs to continue to pray on the Temple Mount, but did not hold on to control of the site. The Arab Waqf was handed control of the site. That is the source of the problems today. The Waqf continues to be the main driver of Arab violence on Israel’s holiest site.

In this speech, Pollard calls out for a properly proud Jewish response that will reclaim the Jewish control over the site. This is controversial – but it should not be. He is right in noting that what should be obvious for most people is not when it comes to Israel. Any sovereign country should not have any trouble in asserting sovereignty over it’s most hallowed religious sites. Saudi Arabia would never consider renouncing it’s control over Mecca. Israel’s control over the Temple Mount should be an obvious move. But just like moving the Embassy to Jerusalem was seemingly a super-controversial move that would set off a powder keg of violence, any talk of changes to the status quo on the Temple Mount are greeted with violent threats from Arabs. The threats are overblown. Right is might. Pollard is a controversial figure who’s best attribute is his ability to cut through an immoral status quo, and point out what should be obvious, yet is not. The Temple Mount SHOULD be ours.

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