Did The FBI Organize The Riots On Jan. 6th?

by Gavriel Dan

Many questions remain about the Capital Hill riots on January 6th. One of the most pressing unanswered questions is the role the FBI played in pushing the protestors forward into the Capital Building.

Tucker Carlson interviewed Darren Beattie from Revolver News about the issues surrounding the January 6th Capital Hill riots. Beattie explains that it is known that the FBI had infiltrated many of the groups alleged to be behind the Capital Hill riots.

With many members sitting in jail, Beattie wants to know to “what extent were those FBI agents involved let off?” The answer to that question will open up the real possibility of exposing the involvement of the FBI in influencing the riots.

The problem is that the video footage of the Capital Hill riots is still being held by the Biden administration. This only adds to the suspicions that it was in fact the Deep State itself which framed the right wing protestors on January 6th.

If this is true, the security apparatus will be forced to clean house and accept a degree of transparency. More than that. Exposing the FBI’s involvement essentially proves the Trump narrative on almost everything, which is why the Deep State administration is so involved in covering it up.

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