Biden’s Remark On The Liberal World Order Goes Viral

by Phil Schneider

What are the American people supposed to think while they struggle to deal with spiraling inflation? Are they supposed to bear in mind that somebody in the Oval Office has their best interests in mind as he navigates the US foreign policy across the world? That seems to be the message Joe Biden wants to get across. Either Biden is out of touch, lost his mind, or both. This man looks the part of a President, but he does not belong in the position of power that he is sitting in. Americans, overwhelmingly, do not want to pay such a steep price for policies that will have questionable impact on climate change.

The next President of the United States will probably be Kamala Harris before 2024 or a Republican in 2024. The first job of the new Commander-in-chief will be to rehabilitate the damage that has been inflicted from top down on the US economy. As Ronald Reagan was apt to point out, the main problem with Washington is that it is too involved in the lives of US citizens.

The freedoms that people fought for across America have been encroached on in ways that are unprecedented. The federal overreach will probably boomerang in the coming years into a massive wave of Republican Congressional candidates who will focus on restoring the rights and freedoms of parents across the country. Slogans like “parents for freedom” or “restore freedom to families” will become the norm in many contests such as the successful campaign for Glenn Youngkin for Governor of Virginia.

That prototype will probably lead the wave that America needs to go back to normalcy and stem the tidal wave of crime and federal overreach that is sweeping across America today. Biden may have good intentions. But America is not going in the direction that Biden is going.

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