Prime Minister Lapid Wishes America a Happy Independence Day From Israel

by Phil Schneider

Israel’s bonds with America are “unbreakable.” These words are repeated over and over by Israeli Prime Ministers and American Presidents. That is a good thing. It should be encouraged. It needs to be encouraged, because it is not as obvious as people may think. Actually, it may not be true if American policy descends into a state of mind that believes the “big lie” of Arabs deserving a so-called “Palestinians State.”

Barack Obama also used terms like “unbreakable bonds” when referring to the US-Israel alliance. But he also made policy decisions that clearly encouraged Iranian progress to destroy the State of Israel. Obama and Hillary Clinton’s clearly stated policy was that Israel was wrong and that Israel “occupied Palestinian territory.” This massive lie is supported by a growing number of Congressman and Congresswomen such as Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar.

It must be said. There are a growing number of people in Congress who think that Israel is the “bad guy” and that the Arabs demanding yet another Arab country within Israel are the “good guys.” This is akin to supporting another Cuban country in the midst of Florida.

Israel is smaller than Florida and is surrounded by enemies who plot it’s destruction. The US is not threatened by Cuba. But nobody in their right mind would say that the large number of Cuban immigrants who now live in Florida should be entitled to their own State within Florida. It is such a ridiculous idea that nobody even brings it up. But the President of the United States actually supported an anti-Israel policy that said that the Arabs are the “good guys” in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Jimmy Carter had echoed this “Israel is bad and the Arabs are good” argument for many decades. It is all based on the big lie that the human rights of Arabs in Israel are the central issue here.

While hundreds of thousand of Arabs in Syria are mired in a massive unending Civil War and Arab casualties in the hundreds mount up every day, it is absurd to focus exclusively on human rights concerns in Israel. And as far as human rights in Israel go, there is no better place to be an Arab in the Middle East than Israel as far as medical care. So, the entire pro-Arab and Anti-Israel argument is one big fallacy.

Will the bond between America and Israel stay unbreakable? It depends on who America elects into office.

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