In Talks With Macron, Did Lapid Agree To A “Palestinian” State?

by David Mark

Caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid flew to Paris to meet with French President Macron – his first overseas trip as Israeli Prime Minister.

While the meeting seemed innocuous on the surface, one statement by Macron should lead Israelis to be very nervous. Macron urged Lapid to return talks with the “palestinian” terror chief Mahmoud Abbas. “There is no good time to return to talks with the Palestinians, I know you can be that person.”

When asked about the statement, Lapid told INN:

“It was not a major part of the meeting. The French know the political situation in Israel and its limitations. They always raise questions and there are disagreements between us regarding negotiations with the Palestinians.”

Yet, Lapid has said he is willing to meet with Mahmoud Abbas as well as already stating that he favors only building in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria according to natural growth. Code words for an unofficial building freeze.

It is impossible to know what Lapid agreed to with Macron or even in closed phone calls with the US state department, but one thing is clear: Western governments are rejoicing for the first time in years that a leftwing politician is once again in charge of Israel.

Make no mistake, the damage Lapid can do as a caretaker Prime Minister can be destructive. Even if he does not remain Prime Minister after the elections, he can still harm Israeli by agreeing to a Palestinian State before Israelis vote. After all, Lapid seeks one thing – to be loved by the global elite – and the global elite know this. This is why Lapid’s next few months as caretaker Prime Minister should be truly frightening.

Keep in mind, Lapid was not voted in as Prime Minister by Israelis, who overwhelmingly voted for rightwing parties. It was only due to backroom deals between Bennett and Lapid, that Israel finds itself led by a man a majority of of Israelis don’t want as their leader.

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