Biden’s Push For “Peace” In The Middle East Will Only Bring More War

by Micha Gefen

The Biden team is using the recent truce between Israel and Gaza to try to push forward its vision for lasting peace between Israel and “palestinian” Arabs.

The Biden administration’s present attempt to push a two-state solution on Israel by using the Gaza truce is another attempt at harming Israel’s security and ultimately undermining the truth as it relates to the wider Israel Middle East.

From the beginning, the Biden administration viewed the Abraham Accords that were signed between Israel and the Sunni Gulf states as well as Sudan and Morocco as an aberration. From the point of the left, these deals in a sense called into question the blind support that had always been there for “palestinians.”

Since the Oslo accords, there has been an attempt to undermine the pro-Jewish narrative in relation to indigenous rights in Israel. As Oslo crashed and burned, the left could not let go and worked over time to push for a false peace between Israel and the PA.

Trump’s tenure ended the false evenhandedness and instead solidly backed Israel’s rights to the Holy Land.

Biden appears interested in dialing back the Middle East’s clock to a time before Trump. The problem with that is the region is vastly different. The “palestinian” issue has become a real pain for the Sunni Gulf States. These Sunni-Arab states would like to move on and yet the Biden administration insists on applying a now defunct paradigm due to American domestic consumption.

This is the crux of the issue. America has changed. It has become wrapped up in its own perception of the world that really doesn’t correlate with reality. The Middle East is not some sort of “social justice” crusade. It is a region where only the strong survive. This is not to say one should be allowed to belligerently attack civilians as Hamas does, but Arab armies fight from a different ethical starting point – where all civilians are considered enemy combatants. Interestingly Islam is not so clear on this issue, which leaves cultural and tribal interpretation on how to conduct war. This is the opposite of the Western way of warfare – which clearly forbids involving civilians.

Unfortunately, the US appears ready to continue to blindly follow the “palestinian’s” false narrative. Truth is of no value anymore.

Col. Kemp

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