Biden Makes Friends With The “Palestinians” Before He Visits Israel

by David Mark

The Biden Administration has decided that the broken policies of the Oslo era are once again relevant. But of course, just like anything else in the Biden administration policies of yesteryear that have proven to have not worked are suddenly revived.

President Joe Biden appears ready to come to Israel and while the rumors are swirling about where he will go, what is clear to all is that he is making overtures to the resident terrorist turned politician – Mahmoud Abbas.

Biden’s administration like Obama’s appears focused on propping up Mahmoud Abbas’s clan as the ruling group in the Palestinian Authority. Unfortunately for Biden and what Israel already knows is that Abbas is no more than a two bit Arab mafia member who has practiced the art of acting for Western liberal audiences.

The Obama-Biden policy of appeasement to terrorists does nothing to bring peace, but rather prolongs the conflict. At the very least, Biden’s visit will bring embarrassment to the US and at the worst bring ruin to Israel.

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