Have Americans Completely Lost Faith In The Democrat Party?

by Phil Schneider

Is Joe Biden’s approval rating now so low that it will bring down nearly everybody who is a Democrat in Congress. If less than 30% of the Independent voters support Democrat policies, then the mid-terms election will be a truly historic shellacking.

What are the main issues bothering Americans today? Most people would say that it is their pocketbooks. The steep rise in the cost of groceries and gas at the pump is something that affects every single person across America.

But that is only the main reason. There are other reasons that are bothering many people – especially crime in the major cities across America. This is something that many people in America are not impacted by. But those who are suffering from crime in their neighborhoods due to Democrat policies of D.A.’s are living in a completely different America than they grew up in. The subway system in New York City is now too dangerous for millions of people who used to take the subway every day. Cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles do not resemble what they used to look like a few decades ago.

Take all of the above reasons and add on the issue of unbridled immigration and you have a mess of a world being governed by Democrat policies in Congress an the Executive Branch. Congress will almost definitely go Republican come November. But the big question is whether or not 2024 will bring Republican policies back into the Executive branch or not.

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