Biden Plans To Open “Palestinian” Consulate In Jerusalem – Angering Israel

by Micha Gefen

From Taiwan to Afghanistan, COVID variants and potentially another recession, the Biden administration has decided to place its full energy into reopening a “Palestinian” consulate in Jerusalem.

For years the US had its embassy in Israel located in Tel Aviv and a smaller consulate located first in the Eastern side of Jerusalem and then in Armon HaNatziv. This consulate functioned as a de facto consulate for “Palestinians.” This all changed when President Trump ordered the US embassy moved to Jerusalem and the consulate for “Palestinians” shit down.

The Biden administration, which is filled with anti-Israel advisors is now pushing for the reopening of a consulate in Jerusalem dedicated to “Palestinians.” The Bennett government has so far refused.

However, Biden continues to press forward angering politicians both inside the cabinet and in the opposition.

Former Jerusalem Mayor and current Knesset Member Nir Barkat is proposing a bill that would prevent the consulate from opening. This places the Bennett government in a bind, as the right wing members will most likely support it – plunging the coalition into uncertainty.

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