Democrats Call Parents of School Board “Domestic Terrorists”

by Leah Rosenberg

Today’s culture war in America is a debate between those who want to silence people and those who want to allow free speech. This may sound very simplistic, but it indeed is that simple. There are very few people in the leadership of the Democrat party today who want people with opposing views to be able to speak about them openly.

There are times in history that are filled with irony. Many assume that the Republican party has always been the party of war-mongering and a hawkish foreign policy. But actually, the Republican party has been filled with isolationist views for many generations. It is only recently that the more isolationist views have fallen out of style in the Republican Party – especially due to the popularity of Ronald Reagan. On the other hand, the Dixiecrats – Democrats from the south were some of the most racist anti-Black people in the United States of America – well into the 60’s. Yet today, nobody assumes that the Democrats have any racist opinions.

What in truth is going on today is a total reversal of roles in terms of open-mindedness and liberal freedom. The Democrat party has shifted radically into the party that is the most anti-freedom party that America has seen in many generations. It is now becoming an openly pro-Socialist party that is looking to constantly expand the governments reach in our lives. And anybody who gets in the way of their agenda is being lambasted as a racist, fascist, terrorist, etc… It is a truly Orwellian world that we are living in. 2022 must be a watershed year to drive tens of Congressmen and Congresswomen – yes there are men and women – out of their jobs, and sweep in a new leadership.

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