Iran Is Targeting Israelis Abroad

by Gavriel Dan

Israel is warning its diplomats around the world that Iran may try to attack them.

As tensions increase between Iran and Israel, the Ayatollahs are shifting tactics in hopes of harming Israel, but keeping away from a full fledged war. Israel has warned its diplomats around the world that Iran may try to harm them.

Why is Iran shifting tactics?

The regime understands that it has little chance to win a direct war with Israel. The Jewish state has better weapons and its forces are trained at a higher level.

Another thing the Iranian regime sees is a potential change in the Biden administration. Once considered at Israel, the Biden administration has shown a surprising amount of flexibility with Israel and is also taking a stronger stance against the Iranian regime.

Whether or not Iran does go after Israel, it explains the need for Israelis to be more vigilant than ever before.

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