Underestimating the Abraham Accords, Biden Has Lost The Middle East

by David Mark

One of the long held assumptions from the globalist progressive wing of the Democratic party, was that a solution to the “palestinian” issue was the a key to solving all other issues in the Middle East. The Abraham Accords, a set of groundbreaking normalization agreements signed between Israel and the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco, and Sudan, put this ill conceived notion to rest – wiping out the driving force behind decades of failed peace making attempts. The accords also threw the “palestinians” under the proverbial bus.

The Biden administration understood from its earliest days that in order to effectively control Middle East policy and return the region to the divide and conquer policies of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) it would have to find a way to break up the Abraham Accords. Breaking it up would return Israel to its dependency on the US visa vi the Two-State Solution.

The current war has revealed just how mistaken this strategy is.

In past wars all Arab states aligned behind the “palestinian” national movement. However, since the Abraham Accords, the signatories have refrained from directing harsh criticism towards Israel, with the UAE actually lining up behind Israel.

The Biden team, like most leftwing regimes is neo-Marxist and thus assumes that the Middle East is built around class struggles as well as the “colonized fighting against the colonizer.” For the Biden team, the “palestinians” and all Arabs are the oppressed. However, for the UAE, this is a lie. The “palestinians” have always been considered on the outside of the Arab milieu – a mere play toy in the Arab world’s “war” against the Jewish state. With that war becoming inconvenient for the Sunni-Arab states, and normalization the new thing, the “palestinians” are no longer the predominant issue of importance in the Arab world.

The more the Biden administration banks its Middle East strategy on false assumptions, and out of date narratives, the more it will continue to stumble and ultimately lose the Middle East. Perhaps then, the region’s indigenous cultures may actually build real peace.

Dr. Risch

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