TRUMP EFFECT: Biden’s Hands Are Tied

by Micha Gefen

The Biden administration claimed during the campaign that it would reset relations with the world once Trump was gone. However, former President Trump left a nearly impossible set of knots for the Biden team to untie.

From China to North Korea, Venezuela to Iran, Trump imposed new sanctions on these and other US adversaries to such a degree that Biden is nearly locked into the same approach as Trump’s administration.

While many people in the USA had issues with Trump’ demeanor, he successfully convinced even those who hated him, that China was the real enemy of America. This and this alone has hamstrung the Biden foreign policy team. After all, why would the American public be forgiving to an administration that would rebuild the relationship with the CCP – the same CCP that stole millions of blue collar jobs from the USA.

Iran, is also locked in. No one seems key on Biden’s desire to reach out to Iran. Sanctions grew even stronger under Trump and the fact that Israel and the Sunni-Arab states are building a real alliance


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