How a radical Muslim group infiltrated the US

by Phil Schneider

American Muslims for Palestine is an anti-semitic organization. But the modern method of anti-semitism is not to say anything bad about Jewish people – but to viciously attack the State of Israel. They have figured out that somehow it is more politically correct to talk about Israeli soldiers being evil than Jews being evil. It is OK to show pictures of Israeli soldiers who are wounded and to celebrate that, but not OK to show a Jew that is beaten up on the streets of Brooklyn. It is time to call out the haters for what they are. They are not political activists. They are violent haters who support terrorism against the Jewish people.

The American Muslims for Palestine have already penetrated Congress and are all around campuses in the USA. They have properly focused on the most important places to impact – the young and impressionable, and the powerful decision makers. Those who support them, including confused and disillusioned Jews, share a hatred for all that is good in the Middle East. It is hard to understand what could drive a young Jew to stand together with such Israel-haters. But the radical progressive indoctrination on American campuses are certainly having an impact.

Canary Mission’s decision to expose the haters is a very important endeavor. The worst enemy to the haters is exposure of their true aims. They often are so proud of their opinions that they say it loud and clear. But often they are skilled at couching the hatred in liberal terms that seemingly take the edge off and make them acceptable. But don’t be fooled. These people hate the United States too and care about one thing more than anything else – wiping Israel off of the map. These radicals must be outed.

Motivation for Terror
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