How Judaism has survived for thousands of years

by Leah Rosenberg

Judaism has survived for thousands of years – because G-d wants it to. But speaking in practical terms, here’s a major reason why.

How Judaism has Survived

What is it about Judaism that is different than other religions? How is it that over the course of centuries, this religion has survived and remained intact despite persecution after persecution? The Jews have not only had other nations try to do destroy them physically, but the Jewish people have also been oppressed religiously. Other people have tried to destroy the beliefs that the Jews hold so dear; the beliefs of their forefathers. And yet, despite many attempts, the Jews still remain. Not only do they remain, but they are strong and faithful to G-d.

There are definitely many answers to the question of how Judaism has survived. But one key answer is explained in this video: Education. The Jews place education and learning at the top of the list of important things. Jews teach and teach and learn and learn. They have since ancient times!

Learning the Bible – both the written and oral law – are crucial factors in Jewish education. And thousands of years ago, it was just as crucial. Parents taught their children. Rabbis and teachers also began to teach. Oral law was passed down verbally for thousands of years before the Talmud was printed. Think about how the Jewish people back then used to memorize all of the information!

There is a lot to learn from the Jewish people. The emphasis on the importance of education is definitely one of those things.

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