Bibi’s Message Here Has Sent Biden into a Rage

by Leah Rosenberg

Is it not an exaggeration to say that Israel stands alone? After all, Congress has just approved a shipment of billions of dollars of aid to Israel following previous massive shipments of aid to Israel? Some political pundits claim that Congress has never been as supportive of Israel as they are today. Well, a short analysis of today’s political reality that Israel finds itself in clarifies that indeed, Prime Minister Netanyahu pointed out the difficult to swallow but true reality that Israel may indeed be forced to stand alone.  

Prime Minister Netanyahu was born in the years after the Holocaust. However, his parents were not just young adults when the epic tragedy of 99% of the world stood idle while the German Army and it’s collaborators destroyed more than 1/3 of the Jewish people. To be more precise, much of the world, silently or not, cheered on the destruction of the Jewish people or barely shed a tear. The exceptional countries or individual people who saved Jews were indeed standouts. 

Let it be said clearly – the record of the United States during World War II was deplorable. Much of the blame

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