The Incredible Miracle in a Sderot Synagogue on Oct. 7

by Leah Rosenberg

What happened in this Sderot synagogue on Oct. 7 was an unbelievable miracle from G-d. You have to hear this riveting, firsthand account.

Miracle in Sderot Synagogue

Oct. 7 was one of the most gruesome and tragic days in Jewish history. It was the bloodiest day for the Jewish nation since the Holocaust. There are too many horrifying accounts from Oct. 7, and it feels too painful to listen to sometimes (though we must). There were also many miracles that the Jewish people witnessed – even on such a bloody day. One of those miracles took place inside a Sderot synagogue.

A synagogue is a holy place. It’s a place of prayer and praise of G-d. It’s a place to beseech G-d for personal redemption and national redemption. And on Oct. 7, the terrorists came to try to destroy all that is holy. They had no intentions to spare any person or place. They had no mercy on anyone or anything. To the Jewish people’s enemy, death and murder is what they elevate and “value.” They have no shame, guilt, or morals.

Even as the Jewish people in that synagogue on that unspeakable day thought they might be murdered, they still turned to G-d and prayed for life. They prayed to be spared. And we all thank G-d that He saved them with this incredible miracle that took place.

The people of Israel value life. We are the opposite of our enemies. If only the world could see the difference between us and them. If Oct. 7 didn’t even make it obvious enough to the world, will those evil people who side with Hamas over Israel ever wake up?

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