Bibi threatens Hamas after terrorist opens fire at IDF troops along Gaza border

by Leah Rosenberg

IDF troops along the Gaza border have seen some violence recently. Thankfully, a soldier’s helmet stopped a bullet from creating a fatal situation.

IDF Troops at the Border with Gaza

IDF troops do not want to have to go back into Gaza . They do not want war, fighting, and certainly not death. They just want to guard the State of Israel. But they are forced to retaliate in order to protect their country and people.

This past week, a sniper shot at an IDF officer along the border who was stationed at the scene of the riots. God made a miracle, and the bullet struck his helmet.  Thank God, he was only lightly wounded. These riots are not just peaceful protests. These riots kill and cause massive damage. The world needs to realize that.

Bibi’s Message

The truth is, Israel does not want the situation to escalate. But if Hamas is going to harm Israelis, Israel is going to fight back. The message is loud and clear. As Bibi said, “Maybe there is someone in Gaza who thinks he can stick his head up. I suggest that they understand that the response will be lethal and very painful. We are ready for any scenario and escalation.”

Don’t mess with Israel.

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