Has King Solomon’s Wall been discovered?

by Phil Schneider

Jerusalem of the Bible is being unearthed – literally – layer after layer. The latest discovery being uncovered is King David’s palace which served as a fortress for his kingdom too. What about King Solomon’s Wall? Has it been unearthed too? It is hard to believe that stories that occurred literally 3,000 years ago are now at the fingertips of archaeologists. Perhaps the City of David is not the most well-known tourist attraction in Israel. But it should be, and the word is getting out.

People come from all over the world to see what they read in the Bible come alive right in front of their eyes. Archaeology proves the authenticity of the Bible story time and again. Less than half of the palace walls have been dug up. At the same time, the walls of King Solomon’s wall around Jerusalem are being revealed. This is simply amazing!

Is the Bible True?

This question is one that has been debated for centuries. However, it is truly not much of a question. The evidence is so overwhelming. Archaeological evidence is the icing on the cake. But the most overwhelming proof is the very Bible itself. The story of the Bible contains a story that could not be a creation of a human being. There is no way that the story of The Revelation at Mt. Sinai could be a fake. The story has been passed down by masses of people to generation after generation since then. It is not thousands of generations, but approximately 100-125 generations since the momentous occasion. Of course, the cynics will find the reasons to reject even the most riveting proofs.

But, anybody who holds a newly unearthed shard of pottery with words from the Bible right next to a 3,000 year old wall in Jerusalem, will have a hard time feeling that the Bible is not true.

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